Main Idea

A new network named category-level adversarial network (CLAN), aiming to address the problem of semantic inconsistency incurred by global feature alignment during unsupervised domain adaptation (UDA).

CLAN adaptively weights the adversarial loss for each feature according to how well their category-level alignment is. This method effectively prevents the well-aligned features from being incorrectly mapped by the side effect of pure global distribution alignment.


Feature Extractor: a DeepLab-v2 framework with ResNet-101 pre-trained on ImageNet or a VGG-16 based FCN8s, with an SGD optimizer.

Descriminator: 5 convolution layers with kernel 4 × 4, with channel numbers {64, 128, 256, 512, 1} and stride of 2. Each convolution layer is followed by a Leaky-ReLU parameterized by 0.2. Finally, an up-sampling layer to the last layer to rescale the output to the size of the input map, to match the size of the local alignment score map.


Segmentation loss

Weight discrepancy loss

Category-level adversarial loss


To Understand

We can improve the prediction on a new dataset by using a pre-trained network on another dataset by given some image from the new dataset. Those images from the new dataset do not need to be labelled.